Mark your calendars for Evensong on April 22

Even as we begin this Lenten Journey together, the choir has already started preparing music for the months ahead. You can find of list of our upcoming selections by visiting the music page of our St. Matthias’ website.

We would love you to mark your calendars for SUNDAY, APRIL 22 when we will offer Choral Evensong. We will worship together that afternoon at 3 p.m. (please note the earlier time), and a festive reception will follow.

The choir will present several stunning anthems, including Edward Bairstow’s ” The King of Love My Shepherd Is” and Charles Wood’s (1866-1926) “O Thou the Central Orb.” Together these anthems arguably represent some of the finest English choral compositions of the late 19th century. Bairstow’s variations on the hymn many of us know and love help the text come alive. Wood chose a far more obscure text by British poet H R Bradley (1833-1926) that requires a bit more insight. I was struck by the description offered by Canon John Seymour about the text that was written at the height of the Oxford Movement:

“The ‘central orb’ must be the poet’s way of describing Jesus, who was foretold to be the Sun of righteousness, shining forth the eternal light of God the Father. An orb symbolizes kingship, both ‘King Jesus’ and also, presumably, is the reason why the anthem is sung on royal occasions. The Holy Spirit is not specifically mentioned, but the Trinity is completed implicitly by reference to the greatest of spiritual gifts: faith, hope and love.”

The choir will sing the Preces and Responses of Richard Ayelward (1626-1669) as well as a new (to St. Matthias) setting of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis by Herbert Brewer (1865-1928). Now is the time to SAVE THE DATE, so you can share this musical service with your families and friends.

–Jordan Williams

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