Chicken BBQ Sells Out!

Chicken BBQ

Our recent Chicken Barbecue was a complete and total success in so many ways. All who came were greeted with down home Saint Matthias’ hospitality, and many enjoyed the opportunity to sit and eat under the tents and chatting with old friends and new.

Thanks, from the Chicken and Mother Hen to everyone who sold tickets, baked, helped assemble food, schlepped chairs and tables and tents and trash cans, served chicken with a smile, sold water, serenaded our guests on the ukulele, passed out flyers, set up, cleaned up, ran errands, posted on Facebook, came and ate, welcomed and entertained our guests, got take out, and otherwise took part in making the day a whopping SELL-OUT SUCCESS!!!

We all owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to the two people pictured in the top photo, visible just over the chicken’s head: Janet and Charlie Schack, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes for weeks to make this happen – THANK YOU BOTH!

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