Stewardship Campaign a Success!

Great thanks to all of you who pledged either your presence and participation, your financial support, or both for the sake of our ministry here. This year, we received an unprecedented 92 pledge cards – the most since I have been your Rector – and we well exceeded our goal!!! Thanks be to God!

Every single pledge card counts – from those who could only pledge to come to worship to the largest monetary offering, every pledge card matters. Each pledge card shows your love and care for this place and this ministry that God has entrusted to us, and that is a beautiful thing indeed. Some creatively pledged their participation in a variety of wonderful ways. Some had to painfully reduce their pledges this year, but they faithfully did what they could. Some simply held steady, and these help provide solid ground for our life together. Some were able to joyfully increase their pledges or pledge for the first time, and that will help us draw nearer to a balanced budget (all good things in time!). It takes all of us, working together from wherever we are on life’s journey, to keep this place alive and thriving. Thanks be to God for us all!

And what a delightful Celebration Sunday we had. Thanks to all who came and celebrated both in church and afterwards. It was a festive celebration indeed, with some amazing food offerings at our potluck brunch. Thanks be to God for the joy and the food we share!

–Mother Ann+

Did you know St. Matthias’ has created the ability for you to AUTOMATICALLY make your pledge payment? So whether you are away or home, your contribution of thanksgiving to our church is taken care of without a second thought.

 If you have not taken advantage of this simple system, please consider jumping on board. Our Office Administrator, Cathy Bowen, is more than happy to guide you through the process.

It is a win-win for you and for St. Matthias’ and there is no cost or fee. Thank you for your thought and consideration and your generosity for the continued success of our church.

–Janet Schack

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