Under the Umbrella


Beloved of God,

A year or so ago, our Stewardship Chair came to me and asked about this whole concept of Stewardship. Like many, when she heard the word “Stewardship” she understandably thought that it referred to what we now call the Annual Giving Campaign. I began to explain that the Annual Giving Campaign is just one small piece of the overall notion of Stewardship, and the umbrella metaphor started to take shape (see the above photo).

Stewardship is the umbrella covering a broad spectrum of topics. It is something that doesn’t begin or end with the Annual Giving Campaign – as important as that is – but it is the way in which we care for ALL of the gifts bestowed upon us so abundantly by our generous God, the Source and Giver of all gifts.

Some of those gifts are things that we have always wanted, things on our wish lists, good and joyful things, while others are challenges set before us that sooner or later help us to grow in ways we might not ever have imagined. Life itself, every breath, is a gift. Love is a gift. God is a gift. YOU are a gift.

We are called to tend and care for all of our gifts ALL the time, 24/7 – 365. As part of our formation as God’s people in this place, we embarked on a sort of Stewardship journey last month to learn about and ponder some of the various aspects of our responsibility as stewards of God’s gifts.

Each month you will be introduced to a new “Stewardship Flavor of the Month.” In January, it was Stewardship of YOU. In February, as you will see below, it is Stewardship of One Another. Fun facts, articles, suggestions, and other tidbits will be published for you to sample and savor. Just look for the ice cream cones to introduce the topic, and/or the words “Stewardship 24/7 – 365” to invite you under the umbrella.

We hope that these ideas will be helpful, that they will spark new interest and understanding as well as some good conversation, and that you will want to share them with family and friends. Enjoy!

Yours in the Spirit,

~Mother Ann+

PS Keep an eye on the umbrella in the Maple Street narthex (entrance) as more will be added to our umbrella in the months to come!


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