Join Us for Shove Tuesday Pancakes

Please make plans to join us THIS TUESDAY, February 28, for our our annual pancake dinner!

We’ll be serving from 5 until 6:30. You’ll be able to enjoy potato, blueberry, and regular pancakes. Meals also include sausage, applesauce, and dessert.

Adults $9

Children $5

Under 4 Free!

Why do we do this? Here’s an excellent answer from the Grace Church, Elmira, Facebook page:
“Traditionally, Lenten fare was rather lean, as using things like sugar, milk, or any fat in any form in one’s cooking was not acceptable Lenten practice. Lent was a time of plain living, of discipline, and this was reflected at the supper table no less than anywhere else. So Shrove Tuesday became a day for finishing off one’s supply of all the things one couldn’t cook with during Lent; using up all the fats and oils gave rise to the day’s other traditional name of ‘Fat Tuesday.’ The non-Lenten ingredients especially lend themselves to pancakes, and the traditional pancake supper was born.”
Spread the word to all your family and friends, so no one will miss the best pancakes around!
Help is still needed, especially in some of the prep work on Monday, so be sure to visit the sign-up board on Sunday! See you there!!!


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