A Word About Worship

In an effort to keep our worship services flowing, please note the following:

Announcements will be offered five minutes prior to service, and just before the prelude. They will be short and to the point, and it will be important that you check the calendar in the back of your bulletin and watch the e-news to keep track of events in our life together. Additionally, Cathy e-mails a calendar each month, and mails them to those without e-mail; copies are also available at both church entrances.

Peace is Jesus’ first word to His disciples in the upper room following His resurrection; peace is Jesus’ first wish for all of us. We remember this liturgically by offering a sign of that peace in the form of a handshake, a hug, a smile to those around us. We remember, of course, God’s desire that we are to be at peace with one another, and we seek to make that peace wherever possible before receiving Communion. It is wonderful that we have spirited groups at both services; however, this part of the service is not meant to take 5-10 minutes. Please reserve additional conversations for brunch or coffee hour. Thanks so much! ~God’s peace be with you!

UTO – United Thank Offering – Please be sure to speak loudly and clearly so that members with hearing difficulty can hear you as well as those of us who are at the altar. Please remember that this is an offering we make in thanksgiving for something. Prayers for those in need are more appropriately voiced during the Prayers of the People.

Service Music at 10 o’clock is currently found in the green Wonder Love and Praise hymnals in your pew racks. We would love to have you sing along, so you may wish to bookmark them before service. The Song of Praise/Glory to God (WLP #900) comes up very quickly! The Sanctus (Holy, holy, holy Lord) is WLP #854, and the Fraction Anthem (Agnus Dei) is WLP #869. Let us make a joyful noise together!

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