Come to the Garden

garden1Beloved of God,

With the Feast of Pentecost and Holy Trinity Sunday behind us, we enter fully into what has been called the “long, green, growing season” of Pentecost as I mentioned last week. It is a time, among other things, to step back, to rest and relax, to rediscover or recapture some fun in our lives, to simply breathe.

No one is more in need of this reminder than me. I have an “app” on my Apple watch that invites me to stop what I am doing several times a day and simply breathe. If I touch the screen where it says “breathe,” then the app will tap my wrist lightly and rhythmically, with a crescendo and decrescendo of intensity as I breathe in and out. While breathing, I can watch a pretty little flower get bigger and smaller. It would take me through seven (I think it is) deep breaths in the space of one minute. And yet, more often than not, instead of stopping to focus and breathe I hit the dismiss button and go on with what I am doing.

Isn’t that how it is with our lives? We are so focused on doing what we’re doing or getting to the next thing that we forget to even stop and breathe or, worse yet, we dismiss the idea of that which could enhance the quality of our life and maybe even extend the quantity!

The beauty of the church year is that we have these built in reminders. As we enter into this season of growth, rest, recreation (re-creation), I hope you’ll join me in making some space to breathe and to simply be — to rest in God, and to be filled with God’s Holy and Life Giving Spirit.

Our memorial garden is exceptionally beautiful this year, and we have three beautiful new benches that just invite us to come in and “sit a spell.” Why not stop by next time you’re in the village. Make your way to one of our benches and drink in the beauty all around you. And breathe.

Yours in Christ’s love,

~Mother Ann+



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