Pet Blessing October 1st

molly-pet-blessingThis year, we are going to try something a little different – we will hold our pet blessing during the 10 o’clock service. It should be a very spirited service! Our Pet Food Pantry folks will be on hand offering special treats for dogs and cats.

If you prefer a quieter service, or are allergic to dogs or cats or other pets, you may wish to consider the 8 o’clock service that day.

All pets are welcome who a) fit in the church reasonably,  and b) can be reasonably well contained. We hope for some different kinds of pets this year. When I did a blessing at another church a couple years ago I blessed a hedgehog, and a rat named Hugh Jackman (named after the famous actor)! Can we beat that?!!

We are asking all in attendance to consider making an offering to our Pet Food Pantry of either kitty litter or a monetary contribution to help keep our spay and neuter assistance program alive.


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