Final Week of Annual Giving Campaign

This Sunday, October 22 at 9:30AM we will come together (with one service) to rejoice and celebrate the conclusion of our Annual Giving Campaign. A potluck brunch will follow!

Don’t forget to return your BLUE PLEDGE CARD (filled out on both sides – placed in the basket on top of the piano in the church on Sunday, or mailed/brought to the parish office) as soon as possible so we can hang your shell and add your contribution to our growing total.  If you’re a guest (and reading this on our website) you may email Mother Ann for help making a pledge.

Did you ever think…

. . . how much it costs to
 keep our beautiful doors open
 and our ministry and programs

A quick calculation had the Vestry
 really thinking at our meeting this week:
The average operating expense
 to run our church so far in 2017
 (through the end of September) is
$5,446 per week
which breaks down to
$778 per day.
At the end of our Annual Giving Campaign last year
(funds pledged for this program year),
our average total Sunday pledge was
$3,882 per week or $555 per day.
If you have not seen our church family video, click here: We Will With God’s Help!

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