Deacon Polly Is Retiring

On June 11th, the Feast of Saint Barnabas the Apostle, our beloved Deacon Polly will celebrate the 30th anniversary of her ordination as a Deacon and on that day she will officially retire.

In his book, Brightest and Best, Sam Portaro wrote of Saint Barnabas that, “He undertook his ministry because it was something he loved doing, a way of giving tangible expression to the pleasure he derived from his relationship to God.” I think the same can truthfully be said of Deacon Polly. She loves God, and her loving service over the years has certainly given expression to that love.

Our Vestry voted to give Deacon Polly the honorary title of Deacon-Emeritus so that she will always be a part of Saint Matthias’ Church. The title will be formally conferred upon her by our Bishop when he comes to be our Celebrant at the EfM Graduation on Sunday, June 10th, at 4:00 p.m. You are all welcome to join us for that service, and we also plan to celebrate Deacon Polly more fully in the early fall once we are back from various summer vacations. Stay tuned for more details on that event.

Deacon Polly is not leaving us; she is merely retiring. Please join me in giving great thanks to God for her long and wonderful ministry and presence, and in offering Polly our gratitude and ongoing love and blessings. ~Rev. Ann+

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