Christmas at Sea

Saint Matthias’ partners with the Seamen’s Church Institute and their Christmas at Sea program. Seafarers each receive a hand-sewn ditty bag housing two handmade knit gifts and a signed Christmas card, along with an assortment of donated toiletries, fun games, and individually packaged snacks or candy. The following items are needed.


Christmas at Sea chaplains are asking for handmade Christmas cards made by children to include in the boxes they carry out to boats and mariners on the river. You can send handmade cards to The Seamen’s Church Institute, 1200 S. Acadian Thruway, Baton Rouge, LA 70808, by November 10. Email for more information.(Adults can send cards too.)


An important part of the packages are the ditty bags, and the items that these bags include are in short supply. The Seamen’s Church Institute is asking for donations of travel-size toiletries and nonperishable snacks: click here to review their needs list or access their Amazon wish list.

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