Thoughts from Behind the Macaroni Salad

By: Christy Shafer

I was thinking, we each bring something very special to the table of Christ every Sunday. What if we take the same approach to our Coffee Hour celebrations?

Several folks have offered to contribute something to the table, but are a little hesitant to take on the whole job alone. As Lou’s Italian grandmother used to say, “Many-a hands make-a light-a work!”

If you have something to share, bring it to the table! If you want to make something special, give it a whirl! If you want to grab some donuts on your way, I guarantee they will not go to waste. This could lead to some pretty funny food combinations, but who cares…we will have that much more to talk about!

Thanks for considering how you can contribute and we’ll see you downstairs!

* * * * * * *

Note from Mother Ann: please remember that we have a number of people with very serious nut allergies, and be careful not to bring anything with nuts, or made with nut oils or powders.

We will still have sign-ups so that there is sure to be someone to make coffee, organize food items offered, serve as hosts and hostesses, and supervise clean-up.

And regarding clean up – Many-a hands make-a light-a work! ~So please pitch in and help out. When done with the dishes, please dry them and put them away so that the next group to use the building during the week has use of the dish drainer. Thanks so much!

Coffee Hour

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