Awesome Annual Meeting


This year, we had a particularly good Annual Parish Meeting – dare I say it was fun?!! That is because of the hard work of a number of people, and the participation of everyone who came.

I offer special thanks to our Vestry – especially our retiring members: Bill Reed, Kyle Cavalieri, Joy Bidlack, Lisa Kruger, Barb Ulrich, and John Wojdan. Our continuing members all pitched in as well, and provided a delicious luncheon.

Great thanks to Joann and Rod MacRae, who helped get the meal organized – and to Rod who got the cooking underway during church and supervised the kitchen crew.

Thanks upon thanks to Tom Treadwell for faithfully overseeing our finances, and for providing such a clear and hopeful report. ~And special thanks to ALL who provided various reports to keep us up to date on all of the wonderful ministries and happenings at Saint Matthias’.

Heartfelt thanks to Debbie Smith, our excellent recording secretary, and to our amazing Office Administrator, Cathy Bowen, for e-mailing and snail mailing materials in advance, providing all the necessary paperwork for the meeting, and for keeping me organized and moving forward.

Thanks to our devoted Sexton, Martin Bergmann, for diligently setting up our room and our complex microphone system, and then for putting it all away on Monday morning.

Hearty thanks to Jim Deck for the delightful First Annual Trivia Quiz! What fun to work together to solve the questions he presented. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

Thanks to our outgoing Vestry for their incredible work over the past year, and to our new members for their willingness to take up the Vestry mantle and serve God in our midst. We have an amazing number of leaders among us – people who offer their time and energy and creativity to making our life together as God’s people in this place so good. Have you thanked your Vestry and Wardens today? (They’re the ones with the little blue pins…)

Thanks, as I mentioned above, to all of you who came and listened and broke bread together, to those of you who couldn’t come but prayed for us from afar, and to all who participate in any way in the ministry that we share from day to day and week to week. God is certainly glorified on the Episcopal corner of East Aurora!

Yours in the service of God and the Church,

~Mother Ann+

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