Listening Session at Saint Matthias

You may have heard that our Diocese is considering a partnership with the Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania when our Bishop retires in April of 2019. This is a revolutionary proposal, and there are many details yet to be explored. Essentially, we would elect Bishop Sean Rowe of the Diocese of NWPA as our “Provisional Bishop” for a specified period of time and combine our two Diocesan staffs into one. You can read about all of this at
Our two Dioceses have scheduled a series of eight “listening sessions” for people to “share their ideas, hopes and concerns” and to meet and hear from Bishop Rowe in person.
We are hosting one of those sessions here at Saint Matthias’ on Thursday, February 8th, at 7:00 p.m. Plan to come meet Bishop Rowe, listen and learn, and lend your voice to the conversation. This is a great opportunity for us!

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